Are You Flying Blind With Your
Paid Ad Costs and ROI?

If you’re spending money on paid traffic, it’s critical to understand which ads are working.
There’s real money at stake, profits you worked hard to make – and if you aren’t confident in your reporting, scaling your ad spend can be a nightmare.

Are you turning off profitable ads because they don’t convert in the first 28 days even though they may make you money up to 2 months after because the tracking period expired?

If you do not know the answers to these questions you do not have the facts you need to make critical decisions to grow your business.


The Big Facebook/Adwords LIE And Why Relying on “tracking pixels” Means You’re Probably Throwing Away Thousands of Dollars on your paid ads


Are you aware of the issues with Adwords tracking when people switch devices?

68% sales occur across 2 devices. People see your ad on their phone and pick up their laptop to make the purchase – you lose tracking.

Lost tracking means missing data and bad decisions on how to best use your ad spend money.


What about the problem with Facebook wanting all the credit all the time?


(Someone can see your ad on Facebook, buy from your Adwords retargeting ad – yet Facebook will still take credit)

Over reporting leads to over spending.

This is facebook’s biggest problem where overconfidence with inflated results loses you money!
Fact: If you are not getting reliable reporting in your business, you could be losing money on your ad spend without knowing it.

Which means you’re anxious and over stressed…

Second guessing your investment and worrying if you’re doing the right thing with your money.
Worse yet – you may be shutting down profitable campaigns without knowing it.

Without solid, trustworthy data it’s hard (and risky) to scale your business.

However, when you have good reporting, you can grow steadily, increasing your ad-spend with confidence knowing you’ll pull out more money for every dollar you invest!

What About Google Analytics?

Many business owners invest heavily in this platform, yet it can’t track across devices…

And it only looks at last click – ignoring much of the work your facebook ads or emails did to make the sale.

If you’re not confident in your data or you think you may be losing money…

The Big Pixel Problem

Scenario 1
Your customer buys a recurring membership on day 1.

On day 28 your conversion tracking pixel expires.

On day 30 your customer’s membership renews but your ad platform can’t track the sale after 28 days!

It looks like you lost money on your ad but in reality the ROI for that original cost to acquire that customer is actually increasing over time.

Because you can only see the original conversion in your reports – you don’t see the recurring subscription payment that pushed your ROI to 2x.

So you turn off the ad thinking it’s another loser – yet what you’re really doing is shutting down a money making ad.

Scenario 2
Your customer goes to Adwords and clicks on an ad while at work.

This sets the pageview pixel for facebook and the Adwords cookie so you can now retarget them on both ad networks.

After work your customer goes home and sees a retargeting ad on facebook and clicks it to make a purchase.

Your facebook ad shows the conversion but your original Adwords ad shows nothing since Adwords does not work across devices.

The result: You turn off your adwords campaign due to low performance cutting off your main lead flow for your product.

This results in decreasing results of your facebook retargeting campaign which you then turn off later as well.

You have now taken a successful ad investment and turned off a money making ad setup.

What If I Told You There Is A Way To Solve These Problems and Explode Your Business Growth?

Imagine being able to grow your business every day with confidence.

You finally have your “magic box” that returns you 2-3 dollars for every dollar you put in.

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